Monday, November 23, 2015

4 products I'll never get tired of

We probably all have these kind of products: the ones you know you'll always use and choose over any other. For me, these are mostly products that I've thought about for a long time before buying it or the ones that were 'my first'.

For instance, there's my Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in 07 Tawny Pink, which was the first blush I ever bought and it's still my favourite. It's a subtle colour but gives me a healthy blush instantly, and it also luminates my skin with the little shimmery effect it has, making it almost a slight highlighter for my cheeks.

A recent buy, but already the absolute best product in my make up drawer: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle highlighter. I have thought months about buying this one and I haven't regretted it ever since I did. It's a product that catches the light on your face in a very beautiful and dreamy way and it just gives you this extra glow without having too much impact. I thought it would be the kind of thing I'd only wear for 'special occasions', but to be honest I've been wearing it on a daily basis!

My favourite lipstick for both day and night is without a doubt MAC Twig. On some days it looks dark pink, on others it has this brownish shade. I have no idea why. But this colour just always matches my mood and it fits my face pretty well. I combine it with natural make up and a neutral outfit for a daily look, but for a more daring one I use a rosy smokey eye to match the pink undertone of Twig.

Don't be prejudiced about gel liner, guys. I hated it too in the beginning and just refused to use it (my mom bought it for me) because I thought it was too hard to apply. But now, I couldn't live without my black Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner anymore. Just practise on applying it, watch some YouTube tutorials or ask a friend who's good at it, and you'll be hooked once you've got it. It gives a much more natural effect than a liquid liner because it's matte, and if you make your brush a little wet you can reach a much better result than with a kohl pencil.

I hope I never run out of these, but seeing how much I use them this might happen much quicker than I want! But I think these are also products I'd consider re-buying and the ones I'd always recommend.

What do you think about these?


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