Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beauty inspiration: dark lips

Ohhh, how I love making moodboards of pretty things! Something that has caught my eye for quite a while is girls with very dark coloured lips, like something deep burgundy (think MAC Dark Side), plummy violet (think NARS No Shame) or even a dark brown (think H&M So Cocoa).

I think dark lips are a great variation to nude shades for Autumn/Winter. They look great on both pale girls and dark skinned ones (hello, Rihanna, queen of the dark lip!), but I think it's slightly prettier on a brownish-haired girl than a blondie. I also really like to see dark lips and brown eyes, like Lily Collins, but seeing this photo of Cara slaying the look makes me think that my grey-blueish eyes might do the trick as well. Now I'll have to choose which shade to go for!

How do you like dark lips? Would you do the look?

All sources of the images can be traced back on my Pinterest PRIMP board. Feel free to follow!


1 comment

  1. Yees, love me a good dark brown / oxblood lipstick for fall season <3



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