Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Beauty look for girls with glasses

It's a horrible moment: when the eye doctor tells you you need to wear glasses. I remember that moment very well, and though I was happy I could finally read the blackboard and TV subtitles again, I hated the thought of having to wear glasses. When I was around 14 years old, I decided to go for contacts and that has really made my life a lot easier. I only wear my glasses at home now. But some people just can't tolerate contacts, like my eldest sister Demi, and have to wear their glasses every day. That's why I decided to try a make-up look on her to make her feel confident with her specs on.

I decided to keep it simple. Instead of the slight contouring-effect I like to add to my face using bronzer, I played safe by only applying a pink-peachy blush (Maybelline Face Studio Master in Coral Fever) to her cheeks and a little flow of  MAC Mineralize Skinfinish on her cheekbones, but I made sure this was all used under the frame of her glasses to avoid any shadows or the highlighter-specs effect getting weird.

The hardest thing for a girl with glasses is probably eyeshadow. If you use too many, you create too much shadow and you might end up looking very tired. That's why I only used light base colours like W.O.S. and Naked 2 from my Naked Basics palette, and with the darkest colour Crave I drawed a little arch right above her lash line. Check the frame of your glasses and adjust your eyeshadow to it, looking at the colour (softer or harder, warmer or colder) and the shape (for eventual eyeliner, follow the shape of your frame). I curled her lashes but didn't go for mascara, because that's very uncomfortable with glasses.

Another important thing is your brows. I kept Demi's brows brownish and didn't went for black, to match the colour of her frame, and shaped them lightly but not drastically. Just make sure your brows go upward away from your frame I used my Maybelline Master Pro Palette for this.

For the lips as well, I went for a shade that lies close to the colour of the frame: I started with MAC Boldly Bare lipliner and topped off with MAC Honeylove lipstick.

It's a very natural look, nothing extravagant, because I think that it's already quite hard for girls with glasses to find the right way to for instance apply eyeshadow that gives a nice effect. I hope you all like this look, my sister Demi sure did! Isn't she beautiful? Tell me your thoughts!

MODEL: Demi Van Haecke


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