Friday, November 6, 2015

Dressing table essentials

As a little girl, seeing my grandma's dressing table in her bedroom always made me promise myself I'd get one too when I grew up. Lately, with my make up collection expansing very quickly, and primping myself up becoming my favourite thing to do, I've been all back into the dressing table dreaming. And Pinterest is being a very welcome help in deciding what I'd like my own vanity to look like.

For the dressing table itself, I'm very in love with the Ikea Malm table because of it's simplicity and its storage facilities. I love the glass board on top and the big drawer to store all your favourite goods in.
And with diamonds being mine, and every girl's best friend, I would make the drawer even prettier by applying one or two of these crystal Zara Home knobs to it.

Since I'm an absolute sucker for marble, I'd store by brushes in one of those cute brush holders. I already have one at home, but I have no idea what brand it's from since I bought it at a local interior shop, but it looks quite like this one from Crate & Barrel, only smaller.

I like to see some luxurious brands on a dressing table, so I'd probably show off my prettiest products and hide the rest in the drawer or this H&M Home marble box, which would also be cute for storing nail polishes. A beautiful thing to see is organised MAC lipsticks, so I'd go for this H&M Home glass box for that.

And dressing tables should be feminine, I think, so I'd add one of those Jo Malone scented candles or anything likely that's more wallet-friendly, like this glittery H&M Home candle.

I've got it all figured out in my head as you can see! Ever since I've been thinking about it again, the dressing table I might have hasn't left my mind!

Do you have a dressing table or do you have one figured out in your mind? Let me know!

All sources of images can be traced back on my Pinterest LIVE board. Feel free to follow for more!


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