Thursday, November 26, 2015

November streetstyle inspiration

Brrrr! Winter definetely has begun! It's raining A LOT here in Belgium and the temperature is dropping very quickly. That calls for some streetstyle inspiration to see what I'll be on the lookout for on these cold days...

I'm still keen on the leather / coated trousers, I love to wear mine and it's so easy and elegant to combine. A fashion inspiration of mine would be without a doubt Lydia Elise Millen from, I also follow her on Snapchat and other social media and seeing her outfits daily gives me so much inspiration! She's lean and tall like me and also loves that feminine, yet comfortable look.

A thing I'm absolutely fond of too right now are ankle boots. I've got a beautiful pair myself, they're super comfortable and they look amazing. I just like ankle boots way more than high ones because it still gives me this sneaker-feeling. Though I'd still love to have a pair of knee high boots!

For the rest I'm still into long coats and everything oversized on top. I'm craving jumpers and knitwear for this cold weather!!

Tell me what you think!

All sources of images can be traced back on my Pinterest WEAR board. Feel free to follow!


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