Sunday, November 15, 2015

Palsy-walsy Sunday: 5 things that make me smile

With all the negative news that had been in the media this weekend, it's hard to keep our heads up and have a positive view on the world. I too, am absolutely shocked by the inhumanity that we keep experiencing time after time. Yet I was meaning to write this post about 5 things that can always make me smile, and in some way this is the perfect way to revive our positive view and keep our hearts strong. Want to know what can always bring my smile back on a bad day? Read further!

1. What can absolutely always make me happy, is spending time with friends. Whether it's a make-up-and-gossip-afternoon with my best friend, a rosé date at a local café or absolutely not paying attention to that boring lecture with my friends at school ; having a laugh or a good talk with friends can always make me feel so absolutely loved and fortunate. And I'm the luckiest girl in the world for having two best friends who just can't leave me because well, they're my sisters.

2. Feeling confident about how I look is something that can instantly make my day as well. I know it might sound egocentric or spoiled, but it's really important for me to be happy about what I'm wearing and how my make up and hair is done. I hate leaving the house feeling like my shoes and coat don't match or my face looking zombie-esque. I don't spend 2 hours in the bathroom or in front of the mirror every morning, but that's just because I'm very good at getting ready at high speed. I do spend a lot of attention to my outfit and face, but to be honest I just loooooove this process. And the fact that my looks are on this list, absolutely shows that I most importantly dress up for myself, because it makes me feel good.

3. It's always a doubtful Tuesday evening, when it's all rainy and cold outside and I've had a long day at school. My go-to plan would be to get into my bed and watch television or blog a little, but I'm forcing myself to go and have a swim at the local indoor swimming pool every week. Sometimes I really think about skipping a week because I'm cold or tired, but then I just have to think about how I feel afterwards: an hour of intense swimming makes me feel so content! I really hope to get my shoulders, arms and breast more shaped by changing this one-week habit to a two-week habit and combine it with a healthier diet.

4. Whether it's going out for a fancy dinner, tasting my chef-friend's cooking, or eating Oreos with peanutbutter filling, my motto on a bad day is Winnie The Pooh inspired: "What could be more important than a little something to eat?". I'm quite interested in cooking and finding nice receipes, so it's quite logical that I like to eat. I love vegetables, I could easily be a vegetarian if my family would be okay with that. But I can enjoy a good piece of steak at my favourite grill restaurant too. And fruity desserts. Or crème brûlée.

5. Prrrrrrr. Everyone who knows me a little knows that you just have to give me one of my four-footers to cuddle or play with and my eventual sadness fades away. We've got two British Shorthair cats walking around the house here, one is around 2 years old and a lazy and shy girl, the other one is a male kitten who loves to yell for nothing and crawls on your lap no matter who you are and what you're doing. I also like to go to other people's houses and them having pets. Next to cats, I absolutely love dogs too. I'm still in huge doubt whether to get a dog or a cat 'when I grow up' because both make me super happy with their loyalty, companionship and cuteness!

I hope I've lightened up this weekend a little with this post full of positive vibes. Thinking about what makes me happy (which is much more than just these 5 things) just gives me a warm feeling already, so I advice you to do this as well on a bad day or when you just need that smile on your face. Use the list of happiness you create and search back those things whenever you feel sad! So, now I'll go cuddle with my cats and have a nice meal, before getting ready for a night out with friends (almost combined all my 5 smile-things in one sentence!!).

Lots of postivity and love for you all!!


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