Sunday, November 8, 2015

Palsy-walsy Sunday: my boyish side

I can already hear you thinking while typing this: "What? A girl blogging about make-up and all things pretty, is going to tell us about her boyish side?!". Jep, I am. Because I think every girl has a little boyish side, you know. And I like mine quite a lot. I'll tell you on which levels I've got a little bit of testosteron in my blood.

Let's start with the clothes I like. Since I'm tall, I can pull off the boyfriend look quite well and I love to do that. My boyfriend jeans is my absolute favourite and I like all things baggy and comfortable, including oversized sweaters, man blazers and man shirts. Though I love dressing up and buying pretty clothes, I like to go for the nonchalant baggy look, but I give it a feminine twist of course.

I find it hilarious to sit on the train or bus with my earplugs in and look around at people wondering what music they think I'm listening to. Some people say they think I'm a Beyoncé-girl, others guess I'm the avarage top 40 listener and some guess I'm a sucker for alternative indie/rock tunes. All is wrong. I'm a gansta rap girl!! On my playlist you can find Tyler, The Creator, Tyga, Travis Scott, Rae Sremmurd, Ty Dolla $ign, Mike Will Made It, and more of that 'black'-music.

I find it hard to evaluate my own personality, but I do think I'm not a typical girl on that level. For instance, I don't like to go all drama-queenish, but I'm much more loose than that. I'm also not good at talking about my feelings, or at least I just don't really like to do that, which is absolutely typical boyish.

Future dreams
This is probably the hardest one to confess, but I'm absolutely not a girly dreamer when I think about my future. Where most girls (I think) dream of a married-with-children-life in the suburbs driving a family car and having a steady job, I dream of a wild career with a lot of travelling, living in a city loft on my own or with my partner just being laid-back, enjoying life and not for a moment let it become boring. I really fear losing my youth and finding out I could've done so much more when it's already too late. I just don't really see myself settling for real and getting children. For me, love, happiness and succes are the three most important things in life and those are my goals. And if I change my mind later on and decide I do can get there by having the married-with-children life, so it be. And also, that rusty Jeep I'm dreaming about is also not really the girliest kind of future plan.

Of course I'm a girl on most levels, like how much I love beauty and fashion, how I prefer cocktails and wine over beer, how I like to be in the kitchen for hours preparing food for my loved ones, how I love to gossip (but only if it's true) and how I'm very good at shopping.

Just don't make me watch a romantic movie. I'll leave the room.

What's your boyish side?

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  1. Leuk stukje Romy! :) Boyfriend jeans, yes please!

  2. I love the boyish looks you've chosen, I think it really is a look with charism and I think as well we all have both sides in us so I really love this topic and your post :)

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! xo


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