Monday, November 9, 2015

The Eyebrow Game

There has never been talked more about eyebrows, filling them in and shaping them than this year. I was trying to not use Cara Delevigne in this article, but I just can't not mention her influence on this trend. But I do think there are women with even more beautiful eyebrows than her. For pretty eyebrows and how I fill in mine, read on!

I love the effect that changing the styling of your brows can give. When I make up someone else who usually doesn't style their brows, they're always super enthousiastic about how it looks when I fill them up a little and comb them upwards.

What do I do? Once in two weeks I pluck hairs that do not fit in my browline, so in between my brows and a little bit underneath them. I don't pluck a lot because I love the natural effect of my full brows and I also just hate doing this. Because my brows tend to grow quite long, once a month I comb them upwards and cut off the parts that don't fit the line. I think this gives a supercool and strong effect and it just makes me feel prettier.

I fill in my brows everyday using the new Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette. It's a supergood product that includes three steps to shape your brows: a wax to bring them in place, a powder to fill them in, and a highlighter to apply to the browbone. I think the wax and powder are amazing and the brush that comes with the palette is also very handy. The highlighter doesn't really give much effect, though it's useful for a natural brow look.

I also like my brows aligned so next to the wax and powder I mostly also use my HEMA Eyebrow Pencil in colour 09 Dark Brown to draw a stronger line and give them even more shape.

Combing my brows upwards for an even stronger effect is essential, for this I have the choice between three products: I used to use and old, washed-out mascara brush sprayed with a little hairspray because I didn't own anything else, but then I got an eyebrow brush by Helena Rubinstein which comes in very handy when I'm not too lazy and just use the other side of my eyebrow pencil.

I don't think I would trust anyone else to touch my brows, but I'd love to get them waxed or even lasered in between to cut out that unibrow coming back everytime!

What is your eyebrow game?

All sources to the collage photos can be traced back on my Pinterest PRIMP board. Feel free to follow!


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