Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The natural look: everyday make up favourites

Whenever I tell people I wear make up every day, they sometimes look shocked, because you can't really tell this from how I look. And that's exactly my goal: to create a natural glow on my face to hide how pale I mostly look and covering the bags under my eyes are key. A nice lipstick colour is also something I go for everyday, which is perfectly possible for a casual look because I don't wear anything on my eyes at day, not even eyeliner or mascara. I do fill in my brows every day; I started doing this a couple of months ago and I really can't leave the house with bare brows anymore, though the effect is not even so different.

I start my everyday make up with my favourite Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, a very cheap (€10,99!) but very qualitative product. The 'Light' shade is the perfect colour to prop up my skintone, hide irregularities and blur it all out a little. I apply the BB cream with my fingers because this is the best way to let it melt into your skin, in my opinion.

Next, I use HEMA Under Eye Concealer in shade 80 to cover-up the bags under my eyes, which are actually very visible when I don't wear any make up. I don't really like the brush that comes with the product, so I apply a little bit of the concealer on the ball of my hand and use my HEMA Foundation brush to dip the product under my eyes and in the outer corner, because this is a zone that always appears a little reddish with me.

Then I powder up this base, because I can have quite a shiny skin. I use my Chanel Universal Compact powder for this, a simple transparent powder that works magic. I follow up by applying the tinted Chanel Les Beiges powder on places on my face that I want to appear a bit more bronzed. This gives a superhealthy impression. For both powder actions, I use my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair fluffy powder brush.

I also always wear some kind of blush because this gives a natural flush to your face instantly. Which shade I wear depends on my mood and outfit, but lately I've been very keen on the Maybelline New York Face Studio Master blush in Coral Fever, because it's the perfect match for my skintone and a shade somewhere between peachy and brownish pink. I use my Ici Paris XL Blush brush for this.

The next step is strengthening the eyebrow game, for which I use the 3-step Master Brow Pro Palette by  Maybelline New York. I first shape my brows with the wax, then colour them with the powder or my HEMA Eyebrow pencil, and then add a little highlighter from the palette on the bone.

Which lipcolour I wear is also very dependant of my mood and outfit, I can go from barely visible pink to diva-esque red. These days I like to be in the Autumn/Winter atmosphere by wearing Chanel Violette lipstick, which is no longer for sale. It's a subtle violet shade that spices up your face but still keeps it natural and soft. I always apply MAC Prep + Prime lip primer before anything else, which is perfect to give your lipstick a nice base and keeps it on your lips longer.

Et voila, this is what I usually wear on my face for an everyday look to, for instance, go to school. I think this gives me a pretty, fresh but also very natural look. What do you think about this routine?


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