Monday, December 28, 2015

A little touch of gold

With the holidays, choosing what to wear to attend to family Christmas dinners and NYE with your friends is a big thing. For me at least. I'm not a dress girl, I first of all think that there is absolutely no dress that makes my legs look good and second of all I just don't find it comfortable at all. I'm the kind of girl that would rather go for some fancy trousers or a jumpsuit, or maybe a maxi dress even.

I'm also not a heels girl. Or at least I've never been. But this year I decided to get myself a fancy pair of gold glitter pumps for the holidays! They're from Tamaris and just caught my eye instantly when I saw them in the store. I had to have them!

I'll probably go for my black suit pants and a simple blouse for Christmas to match these shoes, and top my look off with a little piece of golden jewellery and a festive make up look with red lips.
For NYE, I'm doubting to maybe go for a maxi dress!

How do you like my heels? What's your favourite accesoire this holiday season?


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