Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December streetstyle inspiration

When it gets colder, my enthousiasm for fashion is always a lot bigger than in Summer. I love layering and therefore I have a broad collection of shirts, sweaters, gilets, jackets and coats in all kinds of fabrics and shapes.

What I love to drool at these days are trench coats, but not the typical camel Burberry ones. I myself own a very long, white leather one. I also like to see them in brown suede or with a fringey, boho twist.

I'm also on the lookout for two other closet samples: some nice suit pants in varying colours and fabrics, and an elegant pair of sneakers. I absolutely love to see those two combined. I think white sneakers are always more classy than coloured ones, so I might join the stream and get myself a pair of monochrome Adidas'es.

Next to these things, I'm also very into gilets, especially when they're furry or sheepskinned. I got myself a long, sheepskin vest recently and I love to wear it on a tight black turtleneck and have it shown from underneath my upper outerwear as well. I also want a furry one now!

Happy end of December y'all! Hope you have a great start of 2016.


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