Monday, December 21, 2015

Miu Miu perfume

Ah, what's better to start a new year than a new perfume? I'm not a perfume freak, I'm usually very keen on one scent at a time. But when I smell something I like, I'm eager to get it. Just like this new Miu Miu perfume, which has been all over magazines and blogs because it's the first scent Miu Miu has ever released.

I tried it on in a store once and instantly thought it was a very comfortable scent for me so I just had to have it. I think perfume really has to suit you. Perfumes mostly have a very different effect on me than they do for instance on my mum, which is because we have a different body temperature. I think I have a very warm temperature, that's kind of the feeling I get when I use perfume and smell it on myself.

I'm horrible at describing scents, but this Miu Miu perfume is a floral scent using the imitated scent of the lily of the valley. It's very feminine but young as well, not too strong but strong enough to keep you sweet-smelling all day.

I absolutely love the bottle as well, isn't it supercute? I think it's a very strong design, attractive to the eye and easy to spot. A remarkable product, that is!

I really love this perfume and I highly recommend it! Have you tried it? Let me know!


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  1. Yes the bottle is so supercute, but how about the smell - it it good? In Bangladesh there is a online store called Buy Perfume in Bangladesh and their collection is quite good, I think they can bring one Miu Miu perfume for me.


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