Sunday, December 27, 2015

Palsy-walsy Sunday: 2015 recap

This quote caught my eye while I was thinking about the past year. 2015 was definetely a year that gave me a lot of answers, especially in the second half. Answers on where I want to be in life. After quite some time of feeling like my life was composed out of questions, I finally feel like I know it all.

The first big step this year was starting my first semester at the Artevelde University College in Ghent studying Communications Management. I'm super happy that I've chosen this because I couldn't feel more at my place in any other study field, I think. Also, I have amazing classmates that are becoming friends for life, which is also a reason why I love going to school to be honest. I also just love to be in the city and feeling like I've got some kind of power over my life, though dissapearing in the mass as well. Going from a 250-student secondary school to a university college is a big step, but it has all went very well for me and I couldn't be happier there.

Starting at university college also meant leaving high school, of course. My senior year there went very quick, very hectic and busy. I did have a lot of fun, and I realised a lot about myself and people around me in those days. I've got a lot of gifts from going to high school, not only the knowledge I have, but a best friend as well. Anneleen and I got even closer this year, and I realised what it's like to have a real best friend. I never used to be the person to talk about my feelings, but I feel 100% comfortable clearing my mind to her right now and that has really helped me become a calmer and smarter person. 

The second half of 2015 has also meant a lot of frehs starts for me. Next to school, I've also decided to catch up with some people and be forgiving to the ones who deserve it, but also realised that I've been forgiving to people who didn't deserve it, and so I let go of those. I think the most important factor of feeling positive is clearing out all negative energy in your environment, people included. I've got a very different view on people now that I realised this. 

Also, I've taken a fresh start with blogging because I'm all back into the game since the Summer. There's no better way of spending my spare time than to take a lot of photos and write blog posts.

2015 has been a wobbly, roller-coaster-ey year, but I can say that it has become very stable and happy towards the last weeks of the year, so I can start 2016 with a great feeling. 

And oh yeah, I've fallen in love. Madly.

How was your 2015? :)


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