Sunday, December 20, 2015

Palsy-walsy Sunday: turning 18

three beautiful words!:

And then suddenly you wake up on a Friday morning after being enthousiastic for your birthday all week year and you just can't simply understand the fact that you're no longer a minor. 18? Me? Hell no!

Truth is, I did turn 18 on Friday. It's the first time in my life that I haven't felt a year older already all year long. Having birthday at the end of December results in saying you're as old as your beginning-of-the-year-birthdays-friends already when you're actually not. But this year, I just couldn't say I was 18 already. I've really been 17 from last year to this week.

This is a very special age for me, I think, because I've changed a lot over the past half year and turning 18, mature at last, is a symbolic way of confirming this. I've become very independant, calm, and I've got a very nonchalant attitude these days. Nonchalant may sound negative, but believe me, sometimes it's better to be careless about some things. Positive vibes have come to me all the way in the last few weeks since I decided to just 'let it be'. Trust the timing of your life, seriously. What's coming will come and you'll meet it when it does. #alittlelifelesson

I'm on my happiest right now, for sure. I'm surrounded by a great and loving family, loyal friends, the most amazing boyfriend, and I'm able to explore and broaden my interests, talents and knowledge by combining school and blogging. I'm finding my own style each day a little bit more and my passion for fashion and beauty is a thing that makes my life a little bit brighter too.

It's safe to say that things are finally falling into place for me. I know where I am in life and where I want to be, and right now those two things are exactly the same. I feel that I can be myself in every social environment, from friends over relationship onto school.

I hope you all find this point in your life where you feel free and stable at the same time. Let me know your stories!

PS Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it was the last week of the semester and it was superbusy!!



  1. But you are still my cute 'little' friend! :p

    1. Ha, still the youngest, yet the tallest forever ;) <3

  2. Ik zal het nog maar eens zeggen: Happy birthday Rooms. :) Ik ben echt zo ontzettend blij voor je dat je zo ontzettend happy bent. Dikke knuf van je hollandse vriendinnetje. xo


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