Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Balm Nude Dude Vol. 2 palette

Yesterday, I turned 18, and I'll tell you more about this experience in the upcoming Palsy-walsy Sunday post tomorrow. But I got a lot of beautiful gifts so prepare for a lot of nice posts! One of those gifts was from my boyfriend, and I didn't expect to get this wonderful The Balm Nude Dude Volume 2 eyeshadow palette from him but I was super happy with it!

The package is lovely and very attractive. It's not simplistic, like the Naked palettes, which I usually go for, but it still looks elegant and classy. I think it's actually really funny too, because the eyeshadow shades are placed over 'naked dudes' and also all have a name that refers to guys and their ways.

Some shades are ones that come back in nude palettes a little too often I think, like the typical beige Flawless and the typical copper Fit, but I do like these colours of course. The Nude Dude palette also contains some innovative shades however, I really like the dark violet Friendly and the playful Feisty.

I don't really like the brush that comes with the palette, although the sharper end of it is good to line a shade. But the colours are beautifully pigmented and look sharp on the eyelid. They don't blend all too well but are perfect for a sharper, edgier nude eye look.

I think this is a palette you can definetely play with and use for really nice eyeshadow looks. It contains both basic nude colours but also a lot of great 'new' shades that can add that extra glamour to your eyes.

A big thank you to my boyfriend ;)

What do you think about this palette?



  1. I have had this palette for a while and I used to use it all the time, until I got the naked palettes :p
    but my fav combination for this is Feisty, Flirty and Funny, just if you wanted to know what I usually do with it.
    I tend to combine it with the The Balm Nude 'Tude volume 1 as well, especially the brownish colours :)

    PS what a good boyfriend wowieeee!

  2. The pink shades will look great, can't wait to test them on you :D #privatemakeupartistanneleen

    1. That calls for a post-exams make-up date ;) (or a study break)xo


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