Thursday, December 24, 2015

Victoria's Secret fragrance mists

Victoria's Secret is every girl's dream. Not only drooling at the bodies and faces of the angels, but also wishing you had enough money to or buy something online and pay 30 euros for shipping, or plan a trip so you can visit the VS store in London. I own a couple of Victoria's Secret panties and I feel quite happy with that. For my birthday, I got two cute Victoria's Secret fragrance mists from my best friend Anneleen and I was super excited to try them out.

The fragrances I got are Pure Seduction and Secret Charm, both very sweet and strong scents. The fragrance mists can be sprayed on your body, but also in the room or on your clothes. I think they both smell a little bit too strong to use on my skin, the temperature of my body also doesn't really react well on the scents, but I love to spray them around in my room or closet to give a sweet smell to the whole surrounding.

I like the Secret Charm best because it's a fresher scent, where Pure Seduction is much heavier and deeper. Both scents give a nice, attractive athmosphere to the room where I spray them. It really gives that impression that you get when you think about Victoria's Secret: seductive, but girly.

I'm happy to be trying these scents out, they really are an addition to my interior because of the sweet-smelling athmosphere they give!

Do you own any VS scents?


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