Friday, January 29, 2016

My favourite MAC products

There are two thing I think about when I hear someone say 'MAC'. One is McFlurries. The other one is my favourite beauty brand. Because, admit it, who isn't keen on MAC? It's not the brand I'd go for for every kind of make up, but I have quite some recommendations for people who are doubting what to buy when they visit a MAC store.

If you're looking for the perfect highlighter that fits every kind of look and can be applied subtly for a natural look and dramatic for a nighttime look, I am definetely telling you to go for the Mineral Skin Finish Soft & Gentle. You won't doubt buying this one. It's very shimmery but has a peachy, rosey undertone and gives you a very cute glow on the cheeks. I'm on the lookout to get more of those MSF products, because I'm absolutely hooked!

Another thing I want more of is the Mineralize Blush. I got the shade 'Warm Soul' which is some sort of darker beige/pink and it looks really warm and soft on my cheeks. I like mineral products because they are much less harsh on your skin. If I'm getting new blush I might go for another Mineralize shade from MAC!

Something I really love about MAC is their attention for priming. So far I've only tried the Prep+Prime Fix+ Spray and the Lip Primer. The spray is overall really good for setting your make up, especially when you're using foundation and you don't want it to get all cakey throughout the day. The lip primer is something I couldn't live without anymore. I use it everytime I use lipstick and there's no way I'm putting anything on my lips before applying a coat of primer. It's just much easier to bring on lipstick (especially when it's matte) and your make up holds so much longer.

As for lipstick, my favourite MAC finish would be Satin from which I own Twig and Spirit. Satin finishes are just so much easier to wear and apply. They look the best and sharpest when you use a lipliner underneath it, but this is not at all necessary to create a pretty look. A lot of the satin colours are nudish browns so I think this is also the perfect finish to go for when you're not really into lipstick yet and you're looking for simple colours to try out. I'm really wanting more of these, thinking Verve, Brave, Film Noir and Media.

I'm hoping I've inspired you to get any of these products! These are my favourites, what are yours?


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