Friday, January 8, 2016

Rosey nudes: Naked 3 and MAC Spirit

After being addicted to MAC Twig for quite a while (and still being it!), I'm all into the rosey, soft, pink-brownish tones. I  also discovered the MAC lipstick Spirit, which is an even more beige-brown hue. And the newest addition to my Urban Decay palettes collection, Naked 3, also fits into this colour's range!

I can cry happy tears looking at the eyeshadow palette. The shades are just so cute and have this kind of special baked-looking shimmer. The colours I've used the most up till now are Nooner, Factory and Mugshot, but I'm sure all of the shades will look great in my everyday make up looks but in glamorous, evening looks as well. I'm especially keen on the last shade, Blackout, with it's golden shimmer within a black pigment. The colours are of typical Urban Decay high quality, though I always find it smart to set a primer because then the hues come out more and don't lay flat on your eyelids.

I wear MAC Spirit for a reasonably elegant lip look both daily and for bigger occasions, with my only nude lip liner, MAC Boldly Bare, underneath it. This combo works very fine, but I am thinking about getting Spice or Whirl lip liner maybe because those shades lay closer to Spirit - and I'm almost out of Boldly Bare.

What shade is your obsession right now?


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