Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sephora fiber masks

Fiber masks appear to be the newest revelation in the world of skincare. Just like sheet masks (which are made of paper), they are a special way of giving your facial skin a little beauty treatment. They are fibers infused with skin saving ingredients. I tried out the ones by Sephora that you can buy in a kit for only € 24,95! 

The Sephora fiber mask kit contains 7 masks, each with their own scent and function. Because they are secretly my sister's, I only tried out the Pearl Mask because that one appealed most to me for it's promise to make your skin appear more smooth and eliminate redness or irregularities. 

I think it's quite a funny, though comfortable kind of mask to put on. At first it appears clumsy to unfold the sticky fiber, but it's nice and cold to apply it to your face. The shape isn't 100 % an everyday face shape, seen that the forehead part is a little bit too big and the nose part a little bit too small - and I even forgot to unfold the nose part at first. I do think it's more comfortable than for instance a clay or peel-off mask because it doesn't get all sticky in your hairline and eyebrows and doesn't cling my lashes closed. 

Let's not laugh at my monstrous mask face, wet hair and bathrobe and the fact that I didn't unfold the nose part before taking a selfie. I just wanted to show you what it looks like!

At first I was very frightened by the smell of the pearl mask, it didn't appear very sweet-smelling to me! But after putting the mask on my face I got a little bit more used to it. The other masks smell better, so my sister says. 

The masks on this picture are: Pearl, Lingzhi, Pomegranate and Rose. Other ones in the kit are: Green Tea, Ginseng and Lotus. 

And the result? While my sister was superhappy about the Green Tea mask which made her skin look matte and flawless all week, I am not quite pleased about the Pearl mask. As I already said, it has a quite unpleasant smell, but it also didn't really work much for me. I also suddenly have this skin burn on my cheek which makes it red and burny and it feels like a scrape! So painful! I don't actually firmly believe this is correlated to the mask, because the burn came two days after the use of the mask. But overall I didn't see much clearing, evening result either...

My conclusion is that I love sheet and fiber masks for the easy application and how comfortable they are, and I do believe that if you buy the right ones they can really help your skin improve. As for the Sephora kit, I advice you the Green Tea mask over the Pearl mask, though they're all great to give a try. If anyone would get a burn from the Pearl mask, please let me know then though!

Did you ever try a fiber or sheet mask?


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