Saturday, January 9, 2016

Warm baths on cold days with Sephora Let it snow

In times like these, when it's biting cold outside and my mood can go from lively to almost-dead really quickly, I love to take long, relaxing baths. I'm a real bath-girl. You can make me really happy with bath foams, oils, scrubs, shampoos, salts, etc. And so I was really happy to receive this Sephora Let It Snow collection!

Though I enjoy a lot of foam in my bath, I'm also keen on these soap flakes that really make you feel like you're having scented snowflakes falling in your bath water. The fragrance is very appealing, not too strong but strong enough to leave it subtly on your skin.

I think the packaging of these products is the absolute cutest. It gives a Winter-like feeling though is not all festive. I love Sephora for it's simple but elegant packaging, and this one did it right again!

I've got the bath foam, the hand wash and the soap flakes, but the range also features bath pearls, shower cream and body cream.

Are you a bath-person? Do you like Sephora's ranges?


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