Monday, February 22, 2016

Blogging tips for busy girls

If you're a blogger too, you know the drill. Unless it's your full-time job, it's really hard to combine blogging with work or school. I am lucky that my studies at the university college are quite connected to the blogging world, since both use a lot of communications and media. But still, I need to find a way to blog enough to keep up my audience and still find the time for school work and classes. Here you can find my tips to combine blogging with your work or school life!

To begin with, pick a day of the week where you will do most of your photography and writing. For me, that's either Friday or Saturday. Invest in good lightning tools so you can even shoot when the sun is already down. I will be posting about my photography tips soon, so stay tuned!

If you've shot and wrote some posts that you would like to see coming up on your blog the following week, it's time to schedule. Most blogging tools have a scheduling option which is really easy. Just pick the day of the week on which you want to post your article. I always schedule for 6 AM, I don't know why.
But next to your blog you can also schedule your social media. On Facebook it's really easy to schedule a post for your page, just click 'schedule' instead of 'post'. You can also do this with the Facebook Pages app.
On Twitter and Instagram it's a little more difficult to schedule updates, but it's possible. I use Tweetdeck for Twitter which is a super easy tool where you can create a Tweet and schedule it for later.
For Instagram, it's not really possible to schedule long-term, but if I make my Instagram post a day before I always just put my phone on airplane-mode when I post the picture so that it 'fails to post', and then I just click try again whenever I do want to post it. You can schedule more Instagram posts like this, but the problem is that the 'failed' picture only lasts for two or three days.
Keep a scheduling journal, so that you always know which post will be posted when.

For the rest, I'd advice you to keep your blog in mind 24/7 and always seek for new ideas. Find a way to be blogging all day long, if it's not on the screen it's probably in your head finding inspiration everywhere!

Any more tips from you? Always welcome!!


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