Monday, February 1, 2016

Kissable lipsticks for Valentine's Day

To be honest, I am not the biggest sucker for Valentine's Day. I like how it's a day to spend a little more attention to your lover or to go out and have a nice date, but I am not really the kind of girl who'll expect diamonds and flowers or who'd spend a bunch of money on the 14th of February. What I do like about Valentine's Day is the pretty themed lingerie, chocolates and of course: love themed make up!

I have chosen my favourite shimmery lipsticks from MAC because I think this is a great time to wear a little more gloss on the lips. I am mostly more keen on Satin and Matte finishes, but with the right look to match, I am quite happy to see a Frost, Lustre or Cremesheen MAC finish like these ones!

In the Frost finish you can go for brick red with a cute golden shimmer, like Fresh Moroccan. It's a very extravagant, exotic colour but it can look very romantic too. I just love the golden shimmer in it! Or choose Ramblin' Rose, a super cute pinky-coral rose that is subtle but really cute with an all-pink and violet eye look.
Plink! is a warm nude with a seashell pink tone in the Lustre finish. I like it as a top off for a natural, girly look or above a nude lipliner to let the orange hues come out better.
And the cute cremesheen finished shade, Peach Blossom, is the perfect cold pink nude to get cute, kissable lips.

I know, boyfriends mostly don't like lipstick because they're afraid it'll stain on their lips - and in the worst case it does... But maybe you can get a pretty picture with your favourite lipstick to send to him. Or if you don't have a Valentine; even better. Put on some lipstick and shine.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Spread the love.


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