Saturday, February 27, 2016

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara

Eyelashes are such an important feature of you make up look, and I still see so many girls messing them up. Mascara perfectly tops off an eye look and gives your eyes much more depth. But mascara can go all wrong too. I hate seeing badly applied mascara, that's such a no-go! That's why I mostly go for dark brown, subtle ones, like the Helena Rubinstein.

But a mascara that promises a false lashes effect? I just had to try that. Read what I think about the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara (in black)!
I love the packaging: it's so feminine and it looks kind of posh!
It's quite a pity that I got it in black because I prefer dark brown on myself, but I was still curious how this 'push up' mascara would work on my already long lashes. I like a mascara to give me a little more volumnous lashes and to *please, God* not pull all the hair apart from eachother but keep them smoothly and natural-looking.

Of course mascara with a false lash effect has to give you something dramatic, and I actually quite like what this one does. My lashes look blacker, longer, more volumnous but also quite natural still. It's an easy product to apply and it doesn't get all over your eyes while trying to put it on.

I wouldn't call it the most long-lasting mascara, but it's still a drugstore product so I didn't really expect that. If I put on other clothes or touch my face too much, I easily get slightly dark circles around my eyes from the Maybelline mascara, which doesn't happen that easily when I wear, for instance, Helena Rubinstein.

Overall I quite like the effect of this mascara. It's definetly something that I'm going to wear a lot!

Have you tried it yet?


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