Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My favourite at-home spa products

I'm a quite sensitive person when it comes to scents. It doesn't take much for me to get a heavy headache over some kind of fragrance that is too strong. But this line from Rituals with organic rice milk and cherry blossom, is pure pleasure to my sense of smell (and to my skin and hair too!). A real at-home spa experience!

I got this cute package containing these four products for my birthday from my parents in law. It's the Time Out gift box and it includes a calming body scrub, a nourishing shampoo, ultra rich whipped body cream and foaming shower gel.

The first thing I tried out was the shampoo. Though it says it's perfect for frizzy hair - which I don't have - it worked perfectly on mine too. Once again the scent is lovely, it was subtly in my hair the whole time until I washed it again. It makes my hair smooth and volumnous, which is a lovely thing because most shampoos can make my hair really heavy and lank.

I also fell in love with the body scrub, the grains are really tiny and surrounded by a smooth substance which makes it a very gentle way to exfoliate your skin. It's not harsh at all, but indeed very calming and soft.

The body cream fits the scrub very well, it's a great product to moisture your skin after exfoliating. I prefer body products to not have a strong smell, so I'm more keen on my neutral Nivea lotions, but I do love the Rituals body cream for instance to be used on my legs after shaving to keep them smooth.

The shower foam is something I like to use as well, but since my bath is my spa-habitat I don't use it that often. I do like how it works: it's this kind of gel that turns into foam when it's in contact with your body. So calming and nice!

What are your favourite spa products to use at home?


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