Monday, February 8, 2016

My through-the-week brush cleaning routine

We all know the struggle. Using a big bunch of make up brushes is so much fun, but having to clean them is mostly a step we like to skip. I never really have the patience to give my brushes a shampoo-bath and wait until they are dry. That's why I only do this once a month. Though, once or twice a week, I rinse my brushes with the following routine.

For a quick, easy and hygienic cleaning of my brushes, I use disinfecting alcohol from the pharmacy. I get a bit of it on a tissue or cloth and I wipe my brush clean on the alcohol stain. I wipe the brush off on a plain tissue to make sure I get all the make up erased from it. This is a very easy and effective way to get all the make up from the brush hairs and your disinfecting them at the same time.

But alcohol is a nasty thing. When you buy a cosmetic brush cleanser, it always contains alcohol, but also lots of other stuff to make the alcoholic smell appear much lighter. Because the smell is just too hard, even if you've only used a tiny bit! To get rid of it and get a nice and soft fragrance on my brushes, I spray Victoria's Secret Fragrant Mist on them from a little distance. My red plum and freesia mist is too sweet to spray on myself or in my room, but it's absolutely perfect for my brushes.

Et voilĂ ! Happy and clean brushes without getting them all wet and unable to use.

I'm really curious: what is your brush cleaning routine?


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