Friday, February 12, 2016

Plump It! lip plumper

Kylie Jenner. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Angelina Jolie. Chloe Bridges. Lana Del Rey. Let's face it, they all have incredible lips. And we're all sometimes hoping we'll wake up one day with a likely pouty pair. Although I am quite happy with my lips, as they're full but not overwhelming, I do get a little insecure that my upper lip disappears when I smile. I was really curious when I got the chance to try out a lip plumper - this one's by Plump It!

I got the plumper in my mailbox when Anneleen was at my house, so we decided to try it out together. Let me give you a first notion: do not use lip plumper on chappy lips. The plumper promises "a warm, tingling feeling", and when your lips are moisturized and smooth it kind of feels like that. But when they're chapped like Anneleen's were, you might experience your lips burining like hell. I do recommend so to first exfoliate and moisture!

Plump It! lip plumper looks like a pen with a button on the end on which you have to click a couple of times before the substance comes out at first. This is only the first time you use it - afterwards, one click is enough. You glide the pen with the gel over your lips, but make sure to only use it on your lips and don't go out of the lines. Let the gel absorb for 3 to 5 minutes before applying another coat. If you want, you can repeat this up to 3 times. The thing I pity about this product is the dull taste. It's not something you want on your lips actually; I think they could've added a sweet fragrance or some kind of taste that would make it more pleasant.

My lips did seem a little plumpier, but they mostly felt this way. The tingling feeling is gone after a couple of minutes, but the feeling of a pout rests. It looks really good when you apply a lip liner over your slightly plumped up lips; it's less flat and more volumnous.

This is a product I'm definetly using when I need to go out for a party or dinner, because it gives my lip look a slightly edgier side. The process is a little too long and irritating to go for it every morning, though, as I have to make sure my lips are moisturized and wait about 3 minutes every time before applying another coat.

I think it's a great and safe way to volumnize your lips naturally.

Have you ever tried a lip plumping product? Would you consider?


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