Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The perfect blowdry

I used to afraid of getting a higher temperature on my hair. Using straighteners or blowdryers would always make my naturally brittle, dull hair even less volumnous and would make the ends break in no time.
Today not only the natural texture of my hair improved, but also the products and techniques in the beauty world have. After replacing a normal straightener with a SteamPod, I now also found my ideal match for a blow dry.

The Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry is a hair primer that should be used before blow drying your hair. I apply it on towel dry hair, from around my ears along to the ends. The product promises to make your hair dry faster, to protect it against the heat and to hydrate.

First of all, the product smells really nice. Not at all overwhelming, but creamy and pleasing. I really feel like I'm making your hair healthier when applying it. I always leave it in for a little while before starting to blow dry my hair.

I actually love the effect. I do have the feeling that my hair dries quicker. I also feel like the blow dry damages my hair much less and that it's healthier and more hydrated in comparison to how dry and dull it looks when I don't use the primer.

You can combine the primer with other heat-protecting products like the Redken Finishing Thermal Spray or the Setting Mist.

I am absolutely going to keep on using this. My fear of heated hair is really happy with a product like this!


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