Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's in my everyday bag?

I've loved "what's in my bag?"-tags since the beginning and I think they're never getting old. I must admit I do not keep a lot of trash in my bag. I have to switch between handbag (overall everyday), backpack (school) or clutch (events) all the time and therefore I sort out the contents quite often. Interested in what's in my everyday bag? Read on!

I never leave the house without my phone. It's an iPhone 5S and though it's not like I keep my journal on it or anything, I just can't live without having it with me. I know, it's horrible. But that's just my generation.
My wallet is something I  won't easily leave at home either. Because, of course, it holds my money, ID, license, student card, etc., and those are things I just need to carry when I leave the house. I have no idea where my wallet comes from. It doesn't have a brand on it and I can't even remember getting it. I think my mum gave it to me when she bought herself a designer one. Anyhow, it's practical and comfortable, very lightweight and big enough to carry all my cards and other stuff I tend to leave in my wallet.

Keys are essential too of course. I have a small bunch of keys, carrying only my house key, a key to my dad's house, my scooter's key and my car key. I own a SYM Mio scooter which is kind of like a Vespa only smaller and lighter. I share a black Mini Cooper 1D with my mum but I don't drive it that often. I have a fluffy keychain so I can easily find them back when rummaging through my bag to find them. I also have a wooden heart hanging on my keyring with my name on it and the name of my boyfriend on the back which is wildly cheesy, but my little stepsister made it for me and I thought that was kind of cute.

I need to be able to be flawless at all times wherever I am, so I always carry a little mirror and hair brush which is from Ici Paris XL. I think this is very practical because it fits in all kinds of bags and it's just so compact and cute. If you've never seen anything like it before, you just have to clap it open and you get a mirror on one side and a hair brush to unfold on the other one. I use the mirror to re-apply my lipstick. If I'm wearing anything on my lips I ALWAYS take the colour with me. I also always carry chapstick because I tend to get dry lips and I just think this Labello Milk & Honey one is perfect through the Winter. I don't really carry any other make up products because I don't find that necessary, but sometimes I take a compact powder with me if I'll be out for a longer time because I don't like a shiny complexion.

There's always a pen in my bag because there's always a situation when you'll need it and you'll regret not having it with you. The notebook is not a standard to take with me, but when I'm taking a longer trip in the car/train I tend to bring one to write down ideas, addresses or to make a to-do list.

I need my earplugs with me. I feel really sad when I forget them and I have to, for instance, get to school and take a long bus and train journey. Listening to music on public transport is a daily habit of mine and it's kind of a moment to destress for me.
The last thing I always carry with me is a power bank for my iPhone. For some reason the external battery is always in my bag, but I seem to forget to take a charger chord with me all the time. But if I do remember, I think a power bank comes in very handy when you spend a long day out and you need your phone a lot.

Of course the contents of my bag may vary. I sometimes take painkillers with me, or hair elastics, or tissues. And I always carry my migraine shots too.

I hope you liked this post. What's in your everyday bag?


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