Monday, March 28, 2016

Castle of Ooidonk Lifestyle & Garden Fair

Easter weekend seemed like the perfect occasion for me and my mum to pay a visit to the beautiful Castle of Ooidonk in the Flemish Deinze, where a lifestyle and garden fair was going on on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

It wasn't a very good day regarding the weather, though the sun peeped through the clouds now and then. There was a lot of wind, but I decided to throw on a hat nevertheless, along with my cosy and warm furry coat.

We strolled through the fair for a while and had a light lunch there too. I love the little stalls full of handicrafts, although I rarely ever buy something. We got our hands on a nice little sheepskin rug and some homemade eggnog, and a piece of extremely delicious - and expensive - cheese, which is a miracle because I usually hate cheese.

The Ooidonk Castle is a beautiful location for these kind of fairs. The castle itself has several little buildings and a big courtyard in between them. It's surrounded by an enormous set of gardens, though most of it is just a big spread landscape of grass. There's also a lot of water around the castle, so there are bridges everywhere and little islands on the lakes to spot ducks and other birds on. It was a bummer that it wasn't a beautiful day, because I think the gardens must be lovely to walk around in with a warming amount of Vitamin D shining on your face.

I enjoy being outside in a nature filled surrounding, but it's even better when it's linked to a cosy event full of handicraft and happy people. It's the perfect way for me to clear my head and a good start of a two week Easter holiday off from school.

Venue : Ooidonk Castle

What I'm wearing : Vero Moda coated trousers - Abercrombie & Fitch faux fur coat - S. Oliver ankle boots - H&M hat (last season, but likely one here)



  1. Wauw Romy! Wat een prachtige jas en hoed. Ik vind het zo leuk om je zo te zien stralen. Het evenement klinkt ook erg leuk. xoxo


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