Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ellis Faas Lips

I'm always in to try out a new lip colour. There's barely a shade that I haven't worn: from nude, over bright pink, deep orange and onto seductive red. Lip products don't have secrets for me. As much as I'm absolutely not a fan of lip gloss, I am very enthousiastic about the liquid lipcolour trend these days. And I was super happy that I got the chance to try out these ones by Ellis Faas, a brand from Amsterdam with an amazingly beautiful line of products.

I got three lip products: the 'Creamy Lip' in L104, the 'Glazed Lip' in L308 and the 'Hot Lip' in L401.

The first one, the Creamy Lip, is a deep fuchsia. It appears dark and extravagant at first but to be honest, I think it looks quite cute as well. If any of you watch Arrow, it's the perfect Felicity Smoak shade! The lip colour is a pen, with a spongey kind of applicator which is actually much easier than I thought it'd be at first. The round shape is perfect for a detailled application of the creamy substance. It also lasted on my lips for a long time, though the brightness of the colour slightly faded. I've worn it to a family lunch and it rested on my lips through 5 meal courses without wiping off; well that's a product I give an  A+!

The Glazed Lip is my least favourite. Unlike the other two pens, this one has a pointy applicator which is less convenient to follow the shape of your lips. The shade is described as sheer soft pink. At first it appears to be an orange/beige kind of nude, but it fades to a transparent rosey nude soon. I really though the substance was bad at first because it didn't apply well on my lips, but if you give it a little rest for a couple of minutes it becomes smoother and more beautiful. It's a bummer the colour becomes as good as transparent really soon, but you still have the glazed effect resting for quite a while, which I like because it makes my lips appear fuller and it's quite fancy!

I'm always in for red, so the bright red Hot Lip is definetely something I'm going to use a lot. It has the same creamy-like formula as the Cream Lip and also has the nice round, spongey applicator. The colour is perfectly extravagant, especially because of the creaminess. It's a real eyecatcher and so, perfect for me. It's messier than the Creamy one though, because it doesn't get matte as easily and so it's possible to get a little bit of red on your teeth, but I'm mostly not a clumsy person (well, I am, but not when it comes to make-up!) so it's perfectly possible to avoid this.

Overall I'll be using all three of these colours, probably mostly the Creamy and Hot Lip because of their amazing colour and the long-lasting texture! You can buy these products on ellisfaas.com.  A lip pen like these costs €27 and comes in all kinds of shades next to the ones I've talked about!

Just let me know if you'd like a swatch or a picture of me wearing one of these colours. I'll probably show more of it on my Instagram so stay tuned!


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