Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ellis Faas skin

I'm always amazed when I discover make up brands that don't get enough credits in the media. Ellis Faas is one of those. I got in contact with them a while ago and after trying their lip products, I now got the chance to test their skin products too. The products I've tried are the liquid foundation, the concealer, the blush and the illuminating powder.

The foundation is super comfortable. I've got the Skin Veil foundation bottle in shade S102L (fair). The colour is good for me, I had gotten the chance to choose it out myself and I chose a slightly lighter tint because I tend to go for a shade too dark often. It covers nicely and evenly, though you need a slight bit more of product to cover well. The foundation lasts good throughout the day and doesn't get into your lines of gets dry at all.

Then I also got two pen products like the lip pens I reviewed earlier: a concealer and a liquid blush. The concealer (which came for me in the shade S202 Fair) is very covering and I though it's quite a dark shade for under the eyes, I actually like that too because it really hides the super dark circles I can get sometimes. Though, it's not super long lasting as it gets a bit blurry throughout the day, especially when I've walked through cold wind and that kind of things.

I had never tried a liquid blush before, not even a cream one, so I was kind of suspicious about this product because I prefer powder mostly. But I must say, I'm so happy with this one! I put some substance on my hand with the pen and then dab my beauty blender in it and subtly apply it on my cheeks. I got it in the colour S301 Warm Dusty Pink and it's really a cute everyday shade.

Then I also got an illuminating powder, the S501 Porcelain Glow. I am always super excited to try illuminators and highlighters because the effect of these products on your cheeks is so beautiful to see. I got kind of dissapointed by this one because I had expected more of a shimmery shade, as most products by Ellis Faas are super noticeable when you wear them and this one is more of a very subtle, natural glow up. It is nice though when you wish to catch the light in a natural barely there look, and it's also perfect for lighting up your pout. The powder came with a case which is super cool because it can be refilled and it's compact and easy to bring on the road, like most Ellis Faas products!

I'm super happy to have tried out these products, I'm especially a big fan of the skin veil foundation and the liquid blush. Ellis Faas is a great brand which should earn much more recognition for its amazing products.

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