Saturday, March 12, 2016

Essie pinks

There is no better nail polish brand than Essie, right? I just can't get over their dreamy colours, perfect quality and amazing sustainability. My Essie obsession is what made me buy two more colours to add to my (still relatively small) collection and I decided to go for beautiful, pink shades because they're perfect for the Spring that is coming.

I know, they're not the super cool new Summer collection, but I'm kind of thinking about buying some shades from that one too. But this time I went for the light pink Fiji and the darker, nude pink Eternal Optimist.

I had been on the lookout for a light pink to replace my OPI Mod About You, which was quite bright and neon-ish. I thought Fiji would lean more to white instead of bright pink, but it turned out to be slightly less soft than I thought. I really love it though, it will be even better when my skin is a little tanned and the light colour will be in contrast with my sunkissed hands! I applied two coats which is more than enough. The polish lasted for about 4 days before a little piece scratched off.

Eternal Optimist is the kind of colour I'd been looking for. I love nudes (well, you know), especially on the lips and the nails. And a pink nude is of course the perfect shade for me. It's a real bridal colour I'd say, perfect for special occasions too when you need to dress up: it doesn't draw too much attention to your hands but it's the perfect nude pink touch. This one lasts even longer, I think I left it on for about a week without any pieces scratching off!

I have really strong nails though so I can't promise you the polish will last on your nails as long as on mine, but it is remarkable for one to last longer than 4 days, isn't it?

I'm really in love with these shades and I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot with the sun finally coming out these days!

What are your favourite pink nail polishes? Tell me!


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