Saturday, April 2, 2016

A bath of roses

I am a difficult person when it comes to aromatics. I can tell you I love vanilla and coconut, but I'm very picky when I choose for instance a bath foam or body lotion. It can't be too strong and needs some kind of deepness to it. A scent that never disappoints me though, would be rose. And especially when it's used in products from the amazing Roger & Gallet.

At our home, we've been using the Roger & Gallet rose-scented body cream for quite some time. It's a classic to finish your bath-night with a stroke of this beauty onto your body for a calming, luxurious aroma.

For my mother's birthday, my sister and I decided to give her a bunch of sweet smelling products, including the little box of perfumed soaps from Roger & Gallet in our favourite fragrance. I know my mother loves the smell of roses too and she was delighted with this gift. But secretly I got it for myself a little bit too ;)

I'm always happy with things that smell good. Seriously, please my mind by pleasing my olfaction. It's the key to my heart. I find it very important for people, rooms, clothes, etc. to have a pleasant smell and I'm always on the lookout for bath foams, oils, perfumes and other things that can bring joy to my senses.

Have you tried this rose collection?


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