Friday, April 22, 2016

A little gift from NARS

If you're following me on Snapchat (rustyrevolvers), you could sense my joy over receiving a package from Nars in my mailbox. I already unboxed it over there but here I am showing you what I got a little closer.
The first thing I got is a NARSissist phone case. I'm completely in love because I had been on the lookout for a new case for a long while, but I just never really found anything that matched my preferences completely. But I actually love this one, not just because it expresses my love for beauty to the outer world but also because it's matte black and white and that's just the amount of simplicity I need.

Another thing I got: this dual intesity eyeshadow in the shade Cressida. I am super happy that I got an eyeshadow, because next to the blushes this is a product from NARS that I've been seeing around a lot and I was very curious to try. I know it's not the simples shade to wear, since it's quite a bright blue, but I'm sure it's gonna do its work in a nice nighttime look!

The last thing that was in this package was the Vida Loca lipgloss. If you know me a little well, you probably know I don't really like lipgloss because it looks really weird on me if my lips are all glazy and glossy. I prefer lipsticks over anything. Though, I'm super happy with this gloss because it doesn't look super weird because of the pinkish nude shade. I have to exfoliate my lips very well before using it because otherwise you can see all the lines and little chaps but I guess that's normal for a gloss! Will be using this one mostly in Summer I guess.

I want to thank NARS for being so nice to send me a little package and brighten my day! 

How do you like these products?


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