Friday, April 29, 2016

About my photography setup

I have always been fascinated by taking photos. It had always been my intention to one day follow a photography class since I was little and discovered the art of taking down moments. I can also spend hours scrolling around on Pinterest admiring amazing portraits and fashion photography, which is something I'd love to practise in as well. But for now I'm focussing on product photography for my blog, and I've gotten a lot of good comments on the pictures I take. I wanted to share with you the very, very tiny studio I've built in my study
To take my blog pictures, I use a Canon EOS 7d camera. I am very happy with the quality, though it's not the easiest one to take with me to go and take outfit pictures or visit events. I have a matching tripod too, and I'm hoping to get a remote some time because that would be a lot more handy to quickly take some shots of myself with a particular outfit or make-up look.

I recently bought two studio lights to improve the quality of my photo's and not have to rely on natural light all the time, and this has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. It is so much more comfortable to be able to shoot some frames all day long and anywhere I want, without having ugly shadows or my camera wanting to flash all the time. I got the Falcon Eyes set on CoolBlue, but studio lights are available online in a wide range in any country.

A compliment I get often, is that people like the compositions of my photos and how I decorate the scenery. I could of course go for simplicity and use a plain white backdrop to just shoot my products on. But that is so not me. Ever since one of my closest friends started naming everything I do, wear, and photograph 'so Milan' I have been even more motivated to make a statement with my flatlays. I always use one of my two marble tiles (which were samples for our bathroom!) as a backdrop and I have two IKEA drawers filled with decorations. I've been saving a lot of things, like all kinds of bags, packaging, ribbons, little gems, pictures, etc. I've also bought some additional stuff and I see decoration in everything I run into these days. It is not safe to put me in an interior shop: I'll probably end up wanting every tray, vase and jewellery box they sell just to add it to my product photos.

For now I'm happy with the means that I have. I couldn't live without my lights anymore, and I hope my decoration collection will be growing and maybe I'll find a way to improve everything even more. If you have any remarks for me, any tips or comments, please feel free to send them to me because I always love to learn! I am all but a professional, just learning in the adventure!


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