Friday, April 8, 2016

Essie Spring Collection

So I know there's been a lot of talking about these cuties already, but thtey got into my mailbox this week and I just had to show you guys the beautiful shades from the Essie Spring Collection and tell you how I feel about them.

There are six new shades, all with a name referring to a holiday of some kind. It's a very colourful collection, not the typical pastel-like Essie compilation. I was really tempted to try them out because I fell in love with some shades at first glance already.

The ones I like the most are the three pink-reddish ones.
The lightest one, High Class Affair, covers really well although it's a really light shade. It's some sort of dirty salmon pink, it looks softer than it appears on your nails because it comes out quite bright! I like how it's this kind of everyday shade, not too bright to wear in other seasons too, but it's also a perfect (slightly brighter) nude for formal events.
A sweeter, brighter pink, almost neon-ish, is Lounge Lover. It's also very covering and I love it a lot more than I thought I would. It's not a very everyday shade if you don't wear such bright colours all the time, but it's perfect for a sunny day or the following summer night with a little tan on your skin.
I thought Sunshine State Of Mind would be more of a coral, orange shade, but it's much more of a red. I love it though, it's very bright but so beautiful! It will be even better when I get a tan (I always think this when I wear nailpolish haha) because it looks a little cheap because of its brightness now. But I'm sure that I'll wear it all the time when the sun pops out!

Let me tell you something before I review the colour Shades On: this is very subjective, because I'm really not a fan of purple. Blame it on my preference of Belgian soccer team (lol) or just on my personal taste, but I really would never buy anything that is this kind of purple. Therefore Shades On would be my least favourite colour from this collection. It is though a very covering shade, but I think it looks cheaper than the others and would've been nicer if it faded slightly more to a pastel violet.
Pool Side Service is some kind of darker shade between blue and green and I like it because it's a colour I've never had before and it's something new. It's quite dark for a Spring shade but I still absolutely love it!
Another dark shade is Off Tropic, a forest green that does remind me of Spring and is very cute but maybe will be the only shade that won't particulary look better on tanned skin and is the least bright in this collection.

I love the pink and red shades the most. The bluegreen one is also one I'll be wearing a lot I suppose. I'm less a fan of the purple one and the green one. I do love all these shades because once again Essie blew me away with their quality in comparison with their low price.

Will you get this Spring collection? What shade is your favourite?


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  1. just what I needed when I was about to save some money, thanks babe :p

    High Class Affair is so lovely! I AM IN LOVE
    add this to the endless list of nailpolish to buy...


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