Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tips & tricks for Instagram

I love spending my time on Instagram. Sometimes, I can waste a whole evening just sitting down discovering new Instagram profiles and finding nice pictures to post on my own profile. It is quite an important thing for me to create a smart unit that is nice for the eye and interesting regarding the content. I am not the kind to post random pictures just for likes, I do not have 4000 followers nor do my pictures have more than 300 likes. The most important thing, for me, is that I can post something that I'm proud of and that people may compliment me on my artistic skills. But it is of course always nice to get a little average recognition by seeing a couple more likes and followers on your posts. I am sharing my best tips for a better looking and more popular Instagram profile here with you!

A first thing that is always nice to do is think of how you want to come across towards the people visiting your profile and your followers. Who do you want to attract? When I think of myself, I want to attract girls who are interested in beauty and fashion, but also other kinds of bloggers, photographers and also mainly my friends and people from my town or school. I want people to think of me as the girl with the beauty blog, someone who has a skill for photography and an eye for good captions.

Invest in a nice bio. It is nice for people who vaguely know you or don't know you at all to read a couple of words about who you are. I get really confused when someone follows me with a private profile and a blurry profile picture and their bio tells me nothing more about if I might know them for real and so if I should follow them back. I think the most recognizable thing about my own bio is the "100 % Belgian" because it's something people always read at loud when opening my profile in my presence!

Of course: take your time to take good shots. The human eye is easier to please than you think, but there are just a couple of hacks to please your followers a little more. My number one tip is just to think of what you like to see yourself. I always go for recognizable items such as a Naked palette or a MAC lipstick when I know that I need to post something super attractive. I'm a beauty lover, a cat lady and a foodie, so these are the things you will mostly see on my profile. And I'm a little selfish, so yes I'll post pictures of myself ;)

Keep your posts in a well considered colour scheme too. If you really want all your pictures to match, I advise you to stick to some kind of filter or just know if you're going for more contrasted images or images with more light. I've inserted my full Instagram feed chronologically in the VSCO app, so I created a kind of fake feed. I always insert a possible Instagram post there first to check if it looks good. I know, it's exaggerated. Go ahead and hate on my marketing skills.

And last but not least: caption and hashtags. I love being the funny kind, but that just doesn't match my Instagram pictures (for funny posts see Twitter instead - or well that's my funny kind, no need to share my opinion.). I'm a wordsperson so captions mostly just pop in my mind. I advice you to keep it simple and create a sequence of words that is easy to read in a glance and sticks to the mind a little. As for the hashtags, don't overdo it. I know I use a lot of hashtags mostly, but I go for relevant things that will make people find my post easily. There's no need in hashtagging #thisisthebestcoffeeever with your latte, okay. Just #latte and that'll do it.

I am still building up my Instagram public every day, and it's something I really want to grow in. I want to stand out and not have another copied profile that gets lots of followers just because it looks like 1500 others. I know it might sound snobbish but that's just who I am: I like to stand out of the crowd in some kind of way. I'm 'mainstream' in a lot of ways, but I just like to do my own things.

Any more tips? Questions? Shoot!

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Oh and PS don't buy followers it's pathetic.


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