Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Maybelline Super Stay collection

Last week I received this huge package by Maybelline containing the full new arragement of the Super Stay 24H collection and I bursted out of excitement. I was so curious to try these out, especially with the warmer days coming closer and finding the right make-up look to rest the whole day is getting harder. The collection consists of 7 products that are said to be super long lasting.

Let me start off telling you a little something about the nail polish. I usually don't really have the problem of nail polish peeling off really quickly. Guess I'm blessed, because I hear a lot of girls who do have this problem. Polished nails mostly last 4 days on my nails, without any special top coat or treatment. I must say, the long lasting Maybelline polish rested 6. I just don't like wearing the same nail polish too long because I think it loses its gelly effect then, but I do like it when it lasts through the school week and I don't have to worry about bit peeling off. The same goes for the gel top coat that came with the package, which gives a beautiful shine to my nails and seals in the polish nicely and evenly.

Another thing that seals in your beauty routine nicely is the setting spray. I have always used my Prep+Prime Fix by MAC and I had never tried any other setting spray. I must say it's great, it's oil-free and really feels natural and light. It's perfect to finish your look, it doesn't get smudgy but instead keeps your makeup in place very well. The smell is not as good as the MAC one, but it's not strong or bad so it's actually a really nice product that I would recommend you if you're looking for a less pricey setting spray.

I have reviewed a couple of foundations on this blog already, but never one from Maybelline. I admit that I was very disappointed the first time I tried this one. I always use a brush to apply my foundation and I tried it with this one too, but it looked horrible and I took it off immediately. My skin looked bad and uneven and on some spots the foundation got really dry. I had almost given up hope, but I tried it with my blending egg the other day and it looked a lot better. The effect also lasted throughout the whole day as promised. It's not the best foundation and I wouldn't directly recommend it, especially not when you prefer using a brush.

I am however a big fan of the concealer. I dare to say it's almost as good as my Urban Decay Naked one. It's easy to wear, light but covering and long lasting indeed. Concealers tend to get in the lines under my eyes easily, but this one doesn't overdo it and actually covers bags and uneven spots very nicely. A real product to go for!

The matte powder is also very comfortable. I love using it to powder off my foundation because it's not too matte so it doesn't look like I'm wearin a mask. I like to maintain a little healthy glow on my face, even when it's powdered, and this one is great to create that effect.

I am not a super big fan of the lip colour, I haven't yet tried it a lot but I certainly will. I'll probably show it over on my snapchat once I find a way to work it out, but I'm just really clumsy when it comes to liquid lipsticks and making them look nice on my lips. I think I just have hard lips for this kind of lip colour. I can tell you though that the smell and taste of this product is great, very sweet and comfortable. There's one side lip colour and the other side lip balm, and it is said that you have to apply the colour first and the lip balm when the colour is absorbed. I'm going to try this out a little more, but right now it's not really something I would recommend to buy.

Overall I'm a big fan of the concealer and the nail polished. I am happy to be using the powder too, and I'll probably give the foundation and the lip colour another shot, but they're not my favourite.

The Super Stay collection is perfect for long work days or hot summer holidays. Let me know if you try anything out!



  1. I might go get the concealer! I love my naked one but it's still a bit too dark to highlight, but it's great to cover up spots and what not. Might go try the concealer in a lighter colour so I can combine them :D


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