Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The brush guide - my collection and how I use them

Finding the right brushes for the right kind of make-up application is a hard thing and I think all girls can agree on that. I actually don't own a big bunch of brushes, although some people would disagree on that haha. I'm giving you a peek into my brush collection and what I use each brush for. It may not always be the right kind of brush so don't get all judgy but just share what you use instead!

The first brush kit I owned is the Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair brush set containing 5 brushes with each a specific function. I obviously use the big fluffy one for setting and finishing powder, but also for bronzer to get it lightly on my cheeks and around the contour of my face for a sunkissed effect. It's a very nice brush, supersoft and leaves a natural effect.
There's also an all-over shadow brush which I used to use a lot more than I do now, though it's kind of good but just not my favourite because it's rather flat and doesn't take up a lot of pigment. I do however like to use it to apply a base shade all over my eyelid or for a subtle touch of dark eyeshadow in the outer corner.
The blending brush is super good, I use it all the time for my eyeshadow looks and I'm super happy that I own this kind of product because anything looks so much better when it's blended. It's soft and easy in use.
The other two I barely use, the liner brush because I don't wear eyeliner very often and the contour one because it's not really my favourite. The liner one is good tho, just make the tip a little damp and it can make a nice and even line. I do however prefer my Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine eye liner brush because it's much more precise and there's a reason why it's an award winning product.

The other brush set I own is the well-known Real Techniques Core Collection. I have not regretted buying this one a single moment. I use every brush in this set almost every day. The buffing brush I use to apply my liquid foundation, I just put some product on the top of my hand and dip it onto the brush. It gives a very covered and soft effect to my base routine.
I use the contour brush to apply my blush and highlighter in a soft movement. It's very fluffy and soft and I love that because I don't like it when my blush shows too harsh.
The pointed foundation brush is my go-to brush for cream contouring. I draw the lines to define my face with this one, then blend them out using a beauty blender egg. It's the easiest way for me, I don't like to apply foundation with this kind of brush so I think it's a great use for this one to go for contouring with it.
The small detailler brush is the one I don't use everyday, but I do tend to go for it to correct spots on my face and the shadow parts of my eyes, nose and mouth.

I then also have some loose brushes, two from my Naked palettes and one from my Sephora palette, and then another one I once got from a friend of my mum's. I like the eyeshadow brushes because the round side is very nice for dabbing a colour subtly onto your eye for a very pigmented effect. The sharp side I use to get a darker shade in my crease and then blend it out. I also like to use the sharper brushes to make some kind of V shape in my outer corner.

I think I own enough brushes, there aren't really any on my wishlisht at the moment apart from maybe a fan brush for shimmer on my cheeks and a good brush to fill in my eyebrows.

How many brushes do you own? How do you use them? Any handy tricks?


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