Sunday, May 22, 2016

Letter to my future self

There are plenty of letters that I could've written here. I often see bloggers writing letters to their younger selves, but I am way too young and unexperienced for that, plus I am not really the kind of person who likes to live by "what if" and "I should've". Therefore I decided to set some goals and dream a little, by writing a letter to my future self instead.

Dear me. Older me. Experienced me. Happy me.

You've chosen a good life. You've made choices that I can't make right now, because I'm too unexperienced and I am afraid of messing up by a simple act. But why should I? Looking at you, I know that everything is going to be alright. You do what you want the most and you're so good at it. You love the right people, the ones that put a smile on your face and give you depth in your life. You detoxed your environment, from wrong people, but also from memories. The past is behind you, and although it's impossible to say you don't regret a thing, you're also proud of how I started building my foundations with the bricks that were thrown at me.

I know that you're looking back at me regretting my weak moments, but I also know that you've learned from them. You're able to keep yourself calm and stable, even in the stressiest situations, which is something I'm working towards right now. You're not letting anyone bring you down or stir you up. And why would you; with the ambitious attitude that I own now as well, you've created a life that is worth being proud about. You followed your dreams, worked hard and it payed off.

Don't get me wrong though; I know that you're making mistakes as well. But acceptance is something you've found throughout the years. Needy and loving like your younger self, you still count on the people around you to keep your head high when all you feel like is looking down.
You never stopped getting easily attached; I now think that it's a bad habit, but it's exactly what makes us a good friend, a passionate lover and a kind person in general.

I hope to meet you soon, future self. Maybe we'll run into eachother when I finally pursue my need to travel and explore more of life. Perhaps somewhere in what's ahead of me, there'll be a moment when I find you and kiss you on both cheeks and embrace the joyful, beautiful and clever thing you are.


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  1. Dit is zo'n mooie brief Rooms! Superknap geschreven. Ik kan me ook echt in veel dingen vinden die je schrijft.. heel bijzonder. xoxo


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