Friday, May 20, 2016

Moroccanoil hair care

As I've been following their main face Rosie Huntington-Whiteley around on social media, I've been seeing the Moroccanoil products come by quite often. I felt really lucky when my aunt texted me saying that she bought a couple of things from the collection at her hairdresser's and allowed me to give them a try before deciding if I wanted to buy them as well.

The first thing I tried was the dry shampoo, and after using it I already knew that I was in love with the scent of the Moroccanoil hair products. I've tried dry shampoos before and I was just never a fan of their smell. They always had this artificial, citrus-like kind of fragrance that really didn't make me feel like my hair got any cleaner. But the Moroccanoil dry shampoo has a very luxurious scent that makes it feel like you're in the hairdresser's salon getting pampered all over again. The dry shampoo also does its job very nicely. Where some dry shampoos can make my hair more voluminous but also heavier and strawy, this one just adds a puff of volume and still keeps my hair shiny and fresh. They're also available in two different types: one for light shades of hair, and one for the darker shades.

Of course the shampoo and conditioner have this lovely fragrance as well. Not only did I enjoy this while washing my hair, I could still smell it the next day in a subtle wave everytime I flipped my hair. It also left my hair with a really nice, soft feeling for two days. I think it's really important that a shampoo makes your hair feel light and soft instead of heavy and, then probably, shiny. The conditioner is also very moisturizing and really gave my ends and extra boost, as they tend to get really dry sometimes.

I highly recommend you, that if you like a luxurious hair care treatment that really pays off and makes your hair lighter, softer and has a fragrance to die for, to head over to a Moroccanoil providing hairdresser or buy the treatment online. Shoot with your thoughts!


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