Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My favourite Summer scents

It's always been a thing for me to one day, somewhere in May or June, to step out of the house and hold still for a moment because I can just smell it in the air that Summer is hiding around the corner. It's the nostalgic scent of sun on asphalt, freshly mown lawns, nature blooming and bits of bare skin. And probably something else, undescribable, that just pops into the air when we approach solstice.

What a shame that I can't bottle this fragrance into an eau de parfume, just so I could keep that breezy smile on my face all the time. But luckily there are enough bright, sun-filled scents that we can buy to make us smell like Summer all by ourselves.

My sister recently purchased Givenchy's 'Ange ou Demon: Le Secret' and it's so fresh and feminine. It is themed 'jasmin tea', and contains tones of cranberry, green tea, white peony, jasmine and some musky tints as well. This results in a fruity and bright fragrance. It becomes really soft on my warm skin and kind of blends in my natural scent, which is always a plus for me.

Of course a Chanel can't be missed. I would go for Chance, which just breaths vitality, but this time I'm going for something more classy and feminine: N°5. It's doesn't only smell like my aunt's walk-in closet, but also has a very floral (jasmin and cabbage roses) scent with a hint of sensual vanilla.

I just simply couldn't create this post without including Miss Dior Chérie. Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite perfumes ever. Once again, this one has a hint of jasmin, but accompanied by citrus and patchouli. It's fruity and just screams Summer, but is also elegant and pure. It's one of the scents that I would keep on buying, just because I've been using it for a long time and I got very used to how it is on my skin.

The Juliette Has A Gun: Miss Charming is one that I'll always associate with my mother. I bought it again for her Mother's Day, but she'd been using it for a quite longer time already. It's a rosey scent and a little bit sweeter and warmer because of the wild fruits and musk base. I like it because it's not too hard and really energetic at the same moment.

I'm quite a loyal customer when it comes to perfume, but I always like to find something new that will take over my aromatic life and make me nostalgic for sunny, breezy days. Shoot with your favourite Summer scents!


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