Monday, June 27, 2016

The nude lips // one for every occasion + video!

Nude lips are something that I have started to appreciate more with the years. I guess it shows some level of class and elegance to be able to rock a look with nude lips. Somehow it's the simplest and it looks effortless, but to be honest I think it's quite a task to find the perfect nude to suit you. I have a couple of shades in my possession and I'm showing them off to you in this post + video!

My favourite true nude must be MAC Honeylove. It's a matte, which I think makes the whole look very classy and clean. The shade is not too light and could mostly be described as beige with a tiny tone of rose. I like to wear it when I'm dressed all black, because then it brings out the beige tones in my hair and complexion.

For a little bit more of the pink nude, I go for my Clinique Pop lipstick in the shade Beige Pop. I love to use the Clinique Pop lipsticks because they are both a primer and a lip colour. The substance is very long lasting and feels really good and smooth on your lips. It's so comfortable because they really also have a moisturizing function. This shade is really a winner, it's so girly with the pink touch yet really elegant because of the matte-ish structure.

The one I got from The Body Shop is less of an elegant one and more of a young and girly, shimmering hint of nude that I wear to just leave the house for a moment or as a touch up on a Summer day with barely any make-up. What I love about The Body Shop is how cute their products smell; such a plus!

The most daring one in this list must be my limited edition MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga nude. I have to admit I've never worn it like that to leave the house. I have mixed it with other nudes or pinks to create something different, but if I would wear it just like it is I think I wouldn't really feel comfortable. It's a very daring shade because it's super light and doesn't have any hint of pink, rose or true brown in it. It looks great for pictures though, for real.

More of a brown than a nude, but my favourite neutral of all times: MAC Spirit. It's really my holy grail: it looks good with everything and just suits my skintone, hair colour and other features so well. As it's my favourite finish, the satin, I feel like it's really an everyday shade that just gives you that extra 'bohemian babe'-touch on the lips.

Because I think written reviews are sometimes not enough, especially not with a tricky product like lipstick, I decided to make a video for you in which I apply all of these featured nudes. Hit the subscribe button on my YouTube channel because there will be many more videos coming!



  1. Mooie kleurtjes! Mijn ultieme favoriet is Velvet Teddy van Mac :-)

    1. Staat ook op mijn verlanglijstje!! x


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