Sunday, June 5, 2016


In the heat of studying for finals, I realised I had a problem. I found myself in a state of studying for 10 minutes and taking a 30 minutes break, scrolling through my social media over and over again. As I discovered that my phone's battery was low at noon already after being charged all night, I was kind of disgusted with myself and this anti-social, life-consuming addiction.

It was only after I had a personal breakdown and feared I was creating some kind of panic or stress disorder by letting myself get stirred up and stressed out by everything on my social path, that I decided it was time to unplug myself. I had to disconnect from the buzz, the comments and the constant checking-who-likes-his-selfie in order to find peace with myself and my internal struggles.

After all, what is important in life? I used to get my energy from reaching 100 + likes and counting the days until I hit 1k followers. And as an expressive, ambitious person, being accepted and gaining recognition will always be something I need. But Romy, open your eyes girl. There's so much more to life that can make you feel good.

Take a moment to look up. Look up at the sky, at the person in front of you, at your reflection in the mirror. See how real it is. Drop off your phone at home and take a walk. Have a swim. Go drive your car around. Meet up with your bestie for a spa night. Have dinner with that guy you like to talk to, just for the hell of it. Go see your grandma. Buy new make-up. Go see a movie, and eat all your popcorn before it starts.

And for once: don't tweet about it, don't worry about a filter, don't post it on your story. Just enjoy the moment of unplugging that you have. There is plenty of life ahead of you to capture memories online. But these days, there is so little space to make memories meant only for our eyes and heart.

Blossom all you can. And if you feel the need to share every petal you grow on social media: go ahead. It's 2016, we don't have to pretend like being connected online is disgusting. It's a beautiful thing and I couldn't imagine a world without it anymore. But just don't make it become a negative influence that stresses you out and absorbs your precious time. I've been there, and I promise that whenever you feel like you're overloaded: just uplug.


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