Sunday, August 28, 2016

Goals for the new school year

Summer is almost over and it's about time I start to think about how I want to start this new schoolyear. Last year went really good and I felt incredibly comfortable with the school I go to and the people I met there.
But the end of Summer doesn't only mean the start of classes. For me, it's always kind of a new beginning. Autumn is the season in which my old leaves fall and I start to think about how I want to be this year.

Telling myself to do my best for school is not quite necessary. Because I absolutely love the classes I go to and the things I learn, it is easy for me to be motivated. What I do know is that the upcoming year will be a little more busy than the last one, so I'll really have to schedule more ahead to not have to deal with deadlines or pressure.

I've been planning to attend the gym 3 times a week and I'm really going to do this. Not to lose weight or anything, but I'm having quite some issues with my joints and muscles and I just need to tighten and strengthen everything to prevent myself from being in pain everyday.

But mostly I just want to bloom as a person. If I'm very honest, a big part of the Summer has been a little darker for me and I'm feeling really good right now, so all I wish is that I can boost this good feeling even more. I just need to embrace the people that make me feel good and do the things that I love and am passionate about. And discard everything else. And mostly, just learn to chill and not let everything get to me so badly. I really want to be a calm and loving person and right now I really feel that's what I'm becoming (again).

And then last but definetly not least, my goal is ALWAYS to make Rusty Revolvers grow. I really feel good about what I'm doing right now with my YouTube as well and  I just want to get even better at this and just grow my public. I'm having to much fun with blogging, I really couldn't imagine that this wouldn't be a part of my life anymore!


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