Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Balancing the skin with The Body Shop Seaweed

I have never really experienced much problems with my skin. My face has been baby soft for years on end, and apart from an occassional spot here and there it hasn't been a complaint for me at all. I have always hydrated it really nicely though, with moisturizers but also by drinking enough water. However, the past few weeks I've been so irritated by my oily T-zone and the ugly pores on my nose, that I just thought it was time to invest in a product to cleanse and balance my complexion.

I'm a real sucker for clay masks. I love the feeling of applying it, leaving it on and really feeling the work it's doing. The overly praised The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask seemed like one that would do the trick for me; what it promises sounded perfect, it smells comfortably fresh and neutral and the texture looked like something I'd love to apply.

I like the smell of this product. It's hard to put a name on it, but it's just not too strong and still smells like something natural and safe for your skin. I'm really sensitive when it comes to the smell of skincare products, mostly I know before applying how my skin is going to react to something, just by the smell of it.
After applying the mask (not too thick, that's totally not necessary), I leave it on for about 15 minutes. The clay gets harder and changes colour as it dries, but other than a lot of other masks, you skin doesn't start to feel as if it's going to crack. Removing the mask is easily done, but prepare for your cloth to be filthy with stubborn clay afterwards!

It really is a good mask for me, leaving my skin purified and fresh and it absolutely works well on my complaints of an oily T-zone and huge pores. I am probably going to love this even more when I get back into the school routine of filthy public transport, bipolar weather and long, tiring days.

Have you given this one a try?


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