Monday, October 31, 2016

Discovering your own style

It's been a constant thought going around in my head the past week: do we all look too much alike these days? It was during a class discussion in French that my teacher brought it up. She stated that she is sometimes ashamed to not recognize her daughter's friends, because they all look like one the same person.

Which is something I very much agree on. I have always given 'that girl' the label of being one that attends to 'the other school' in my town. As I went to public school, where there was quite a variety of people, the catholic school girls always appeared to me as one big mass of replicas. Perfectly blonde or brunette, no extra curves, blue skinny jeans, New Balance sneakers, a darkblue quilted jacket, a Michael Kors bag and probably something everyone bought at Zara.

While discussing this with my mother, I figured out that on the base of this massive copying is globalisation and digitalisation. We all shop at the same stores, we all read the same magazines, follow the same people on Instagram. We see a certain thing 100 times and suddenly it's our idea of what is beautiful.

Try to step away from that. Yes, I too follow a lot of people's example, I find my inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and on the streets as well. But if you ask me what's in fashion at the moment, I have no clue what to tell you. I'm not a trendspotter. It may be surprising, but I really don't care about those kind of things.

I'm a blogger, not a journalist. It's not my job nor my interest to absorb what's hot at the moment and recreate it or write about it. On the contrary, I think, as we bloggers post about our way of life and often about our way of dressing up, we're the input for what the world then names 'trends'.

I am allergic to overhyped material. It was quite a thing for me to buy white Adidas Superstars, but that was actually just because I think qualitative white sneakers are a timeless wardrobe piece. That's where I want to go with my style: timeless, elegant and wearable. I know that the ideal for a Belgian blogger is to get into hypes, to wear tutus and chokers and Belgique Belchique stuff. But I just have no interest in investing in anything that'll be outdated within the next year.

I like black, I like playing with fabrics, I like workwear and I hate jewellery. You won't see me in bright colours, not in my clothing nor on my face. Red lipstick is probably as far as I'll go. My favourite outfit is black denim, a white blouse and knee-high boots or white sneakers. And some furry outerwear. That is also, without a doubt, the outfit that people would give me when they describe me. And I love it, because it means I have a style of my own.

Now what's yours?


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