Monday, November 7, 2016

A new era

Motivating myself to really get into blogging and making it a priority, has been one of the best decisions I've made. However, I'm always busy thinking about new ways to improve what I do and really make it something I'm proud of.

I started off as a full-focus beauty blogger, which I loved doing. The past year has been a journey through make-up and other cosmetics for me and I've really learned the values of beauty, confidence and skills through this.

But right now I'm thinking of stepping in a different direction. I'm looking for more than just reviewing products. I want to focus more on fashion and lifestyle next to my love for beauty. I want to travel around and share my experiences, my style and my interests.

This counts for my YouTube account as well. I started it with the intention to go for beauty tutorials and such, which worked well, but is not fully what I want to see myself do. I want to go more onto the lifestyle part here as well and focus on quality. I want to make interesting vlogs of trips and such, and no longer just brabble around. I might want to do some Vlogmas this year. I just love to create some kind of atmosphere with what I do, and I think videos are a great way of doing this.

I'm not 100 % sure yet what this sort of new era means for me, but I do know that the person I am now is a whole different person than the one I was a year ago, and this means I have to extend this to my blog as well.

Any ideas, recommendations and requests are so so welcome!


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