Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bedroom redecoration: a moodboard

I'm always so excited when it comes to new interior plans. Last year, I built up my vanity corner with my big light bulbs mirror and Ikea Malm table. This year, it's time to invest in a bigger place to sleep (and snuggle up).

I am so inspired by Pinterest (and Kate La Vie) and I've been dreaming of a white metal bed with lots of fluffy, pink and white pillows and blankets for such a long time now. I've ordered the white bed already, but I'm still on the lookout for nice deco's around it! I love the round, velvet cushions at Urban Outfitters - so cute! I'm a real pillow fan, because I often just sit on my bed to read a book or use my laptop and then I just enjoy diving into a big pile of softness. The look of the black and white Sissy Boy pillows also really appeals to me, just like the silky ones from H&M home. With all this, my bed and the pile of pillows would be the perfect place to relax with a scented candle burning (preferably a fancy Diptyque one), a book to read or a TV series to bingewatch and my other half to cuddle with.

As for duvet covers, I'd either go for all-white (my biggest love) or something cute and hygge like the Urban Outfitters Eyelash Fringe covers.

That's for the bed. But in my mind, a bed is a full concept ;) I love to wake up and roll out of bed with my feet onto a soft, fluffy surface like the Ikea Tejn rug. And if I'm sick of it as a floormat, it looks good as a throw on my bed as well.

Very important too: bedside beauty. Next to a scented candle, I love to decorate my bedside table with a nice, luxurious fragrance for myself as well, think Jo Malone, and something to use before bed like the Aesop aromatic hand balm that is high on my wishlist.

I can't wait to install my bed and decorate my room around it. Prepare for some good instapics of my new interior!


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