Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The beauty gift guide

It's a thin line between a gift guide and a wishlist for me. I always tend to be really into the things I buy for other people that I end up wanting it all myself. Therefore, the examples I give you in this beauty gift guide (and any other gift guide too) are all things that I either really want, or already have and really love.

One thing in that last category is the L'Oréal SteamPod. It's really something to put on your wishlist this season or gift to your sister, mother or best friend to surprise them with a very luxurious and durable product that'll be game changing for their hair. I am so so happy with mine, I really can't live without it.

Another electronic that'd be more on the list of things I want, is a LUNA Play by Foreo. Since I got very into the skin care game, I'm looking for ways to ease and step up my cleansing game and I'm guessing this little device is perfect for a little bit more of a face massage to get that blood streaming and those pores cleaned.

If you're looking for something utterly feminine and luxurous to gift (or get), I suggest you opt for the By Terry Baume De Rose. I've heard Lydia Elise Millen go on about this one a lot and I am really curious after reading tons of positive reviews too. Every girl likes her lips hydrated and healthy and especially when it's happened by a product as pretty as this.

Also very appealing for the eye is anything Hourglass. I'm a sucker for the Ambient Lighting blushes and it's an absolute shame I don't have any yet. So beautiful to look at, such a pretty packaging and such great quality!

Anything Aesop is always a wonderful thing to gift as well. Their products are so simple yet qualitative and apart from their sometimes odd fragrance, I think the cosmetics are suitable for everybody. Especially a body lotion is always a go under the Christmas tree.

What can't be missed in a beauty gift guide is a good perfume. I could've added 100 of my favourite scents because some perfumes are just so lovely to give because of their cute packaging or dreamy name already. I've opted for the Je t'aime Jane one from Bella Freud here just because I think it looks so girly and it's a very rich and luxurious scent.

Stay tuned for more gift guides!



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